Walk-thru Guided Selling / Sales Playbook

Real-time, intuitive Sales Guidance for all sales interactions

Valooto Walk-thru Guided Selling is what guided selling is all about. A single, easily customizable, sales interface that directs sales reps and channel partners on all customer engagement activities throughout the entire sales process.
Valooto Walk-thru Guided Selling dynamically adjusts itself to your users, whether they’re new sales hires, experienced reps and/or channel partners so that you ensure optimal sales engagement on each customer interaction.
  • Intuitive user interface ensures high user adoption and minimal training
  • Increases sales productivity and effectiveness throughout the sales process
  • Designed to be managed by business users – it’s easy to configure, with NO coding!
  • Create guided flows for document generation - quotes, contracts, ROIs, SOWs or any other personalized sales content.

Intuitive Guided Flows

  • Unlimited number of playbooks
  • Supports all stages of the sales process
  • Set presets and defaults to match your business processes
  • AI-based decisioning automatically modifies guided flows
  • Additional assistance provided via tool-tips, warnings and automatic approval workflow triggers

Product Sizing &  Configuration

  • Build error-free configurations without pre-sales support
  • AI-based recommendations for up-sells, cross-sells and promotions
  • Automatically optimize configurations, system sizing and quotes with built-in calculator
  • Step-by-step guidance reduces product training requirements

Team Collaboration

  • Speed customer response by engaging team members at any stage
  • Interact on guided process with managers, legal, finance, sales engineers, channel managers or others
  • Set role-based guidance rights (e.g. only legal can change agreement clauses)
  • No need for additional CRM licenses

Content Generation

  • Guides sales reps in generating any type of sales or marketing content
  • Support dynamic, static boilerplate, pre-approved and user-edited content
  • AI-based auto-content generation utilizes sales rep inputs, deal type, user experience and other deal-specific parameters
  • Auto-assign template based on deal status, deal type or other configurable parameters
  • Multi-language content generation in the same template

Built-in Sales Calculators

  • Automatic sizing and configurations based on sales rep inputs or existing products
  • Generate customer ROI or business cases
  • Calculate commissions, revenue recognition schedules, COGS, multi-year ramps or any other relevant calculations

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