Dynamic Document Generation 

Generate any type of document throughout the sales process

Valooto Document Generation is the only guided sales document generation solution. Valooto enables your sales team and channel partners to generate any kind of relevant, personalized sales content in just minutes, from quotes, proposals and sales collateral, to contracts, agreements, ROIs and SOWs.
  • Utilizes Valooto Walk-me-thru Sales Guidance for the most intuitive user experience
  • Easy to configure and change on-the-fly
  • Supports single or multiple dynamic document templates (auto-adjusts content)
  • Generate documents in multiple languages with just one template to support
  • Full preview support with optional watermark

Dynamic Document Generation

  • Personalize content based on sales rep inputs or account/opportunity parameters
  • AI-based auto-content generation utilizes sales rep inputs, deal type, user experience and other deal-specific parameters
  • Support dynamic, static boilerplate, pre-approved and user-edited content
  • Generate any combination of fixed and dynamic text and images
  • Automatically localize content

Customizable Document Templates

  • Auto-assign templates based on deal status, deal type, user or other configurable parameters
  • Generate multiple languages using the same template
  • Drag-and-drop user interface for quick and easy template setup
  • Full branding and layout customization
  • Automatically assign relevant templates based on type of user, region or any deal-specific parameters

Types of Documents to Generate

  • Sales quotes and proposals
  • Contracts and agreements – MSA, EULA, NDA, Terms & Conditions, etc. (with approvals)
  • Order forms
  • Invoices
  • ROI/business case
  • Sales Collateral

Supported Document Formats

  • Word
  • PDF
  • Excel
  • Interactive Web (coming soon)

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