DealHub is the only interactive sales engagement platform that supports the entire sales funnel. DealHub optimizes all sales actions and content engagement, while revealing real-time buyer insights, throughout the entire sales process.
  • Create on-demand "micro-websites" containing all personalized, deal-specific content
  • Track buyer behavior and uncover stakeholders in the buying decision
  • Redline documents and sign electronically
  • Generate optimized content with Valooto's integrated Sales Playbooks
  • Deploy DealHub with Valooto CPQ or other CPQs

Personalized Sales Content

DealHub allows you to share the most relevant, deal specific content with buyer stakeholders:
  • Collateral
  • Slide decks
  • Videos
  • ROIs & Business Cases
  • Quotes/Proposals
  • Legal Agreements
  • Online forms

Interactive Engagement

DealHub creates a community of sellers and buyers that enhances deal engagement:
  • Buyer and seller stakeholders can engage on content in one place
  • Share deal-specific content
  • Red-line documents
  • Invite others to join the process
  • Live chat with relevant buyers and seller stakholders

Engagement Analytics

Leverages AI and machine learning to uncover buyer intentions and the health of opportunities:
  • Measure and track prospect engagement
  • Uncover all buyer stakeholders in the buying process
  • Get real-time notifications and email alerts for key actions – opens, detailed content views, shares, and more
  • View full deal insights from activity stream dashboard

Electronically Sign Documents

Close deals faster by eSigning documents directly from DealHub.
  • Electronically sign agreements, proposals and other sales documents
  • Single and multi-party signatures
  • Save signed documents automatically in your CRM
  • Integrate with payment gateways to complete transactions

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