CPQ - Quotes & Proposals

Traditional CPQ sales proposal solutions are expensive and require long implementation projects just to get started. Valooto's Sales Engagement Cloud is unlike any SaaS sales quoting solution you’ve seen before.

  • Affordable for organizations of all sizes.
  • Up and running in just 48-hours… NO project!
  • Built-in advanced pricing and discount functionality
  • Set up and operated by business – no need for IT
  • Runs natively from Salesforce.com and other cloud-based CRMs, or stand-alone
Valooto - prepackaged CPQ solution

Everything you need is “in the box”!

Richest set of sales quoting functionality built right in.

  • Comprehensive discount and pricing factors, including geo-pricing and multi-currency
  • Natural language-based product & configuration modeling engines – no need for coding
  • Complete quote version tracking
  • Approval processes with unlimited approval levels and actions
  • Customizable quote templates


Built for business…
Operated by business

A new paradigm in the deployment and operation of CPQ solutions.

  • Implemented and operated by Sales or Sales Operations
  • No need for IT support
  • Enables immediate, on the fly response to changing business needs – products, configurations, pricing
  • Flexibility to operate natively from Salesforce.com, other cloud-based CRMs, or stand-alone


Valooto Operated by Business
Valooto Intelligent Guided Selling

Intelligent Guided Selling

Redefines what guided selling is about.

  • Lets sales reps build error-free, optimized quotes in just minutes, without having to know the entire price list
  • Provides upgrade, upsell and cross-sell suggestions
  • Enables new sales reps and channel partner reps to quote like pros, with minimal or no training!
  • Increases productivity and sales effectiveness for all sales teams


Collaborative Sales Proposals

Transforms sales proposals into a real-time online collaborative process.

  • Dynamically generates proposals based on configured solutions
  • Tracks proposal journey through the end-customer
  • Measures the interest level of each recipient
  • Enables sales reps and customers to collaborate and negotiate directly from the proposal


Valooto - Collaborative Proposal Engagement

Enhanced Sales Process Insights

Unique insights and predictive analysis based on actual customer-driven data.

  • Sales process effectiveness for teams, individual sales reps and channel partners
  • Accurate sales forecasts
  • Most effective discount levels for different products and services
  • Next best actions sales reps should take to increase win probability