Case Study: Skybox Security


Skybox Security Trades in their Excel Configurator for CPQ Sales Automation

No matter what you’re selling, your sales organization is only as good as the processes and technology that support it. If you’re selling products or services that involve complex configurations, the need for support gets even greater.
What happens when your sales process grows around solutions that aren’t able to evolve and scale with the expanding needs of your organization or become too cumbersome to maintain? That’s the problem that Skybox Security ran into with their Excel-based sales quoting configurator.

Skybox Security, headquartered in San Jose, California, helps increase cyber security programs by combining vulnerability intelligence with total visibility of the attack surface, so organizations can quickly respond to threats. Their ideal client – security management and operations – use their solutions to eliminate attack vectors and safeguard business data and services.

The Problem

Like many home-grown configuration solutions, Skybox’s Excel-based quoting tool started off as a side project to help the sales team generate quotes. Unfortunately, as the organization grew, the tool became a mission critical part of the way Skybox sales reps create proposals for their customers and partners. The Excel tool itself grew too. From a simple spreadsheet, more complex calculations were added and it quickly became a challenge to manage and maintain.

Skybox needed a better, more seamless process for generating sales quotes; one that was integrated with their Salesforce CRM. Yet with their complex configurations and price calculations, they weren’t even sure a high-priced CPQ was up to the job.

The Solution

In their search for a new sales quoting and configuration solution, Skybox considered a number of different CPQ solutions. None, however, fit the bill – they either could not address the complex configurations of Skybox’s solutions or they required long, costly implementation projects. Skybox had a definite pain with their current quoting solution, but Skybox CFO Lior Barak could not accept a solutionthat didn’t make financial sense for the organization.

CPQ Solution

During their search, Skybox became aware of Valooto and its Sales Engagement Cloud. After viewing a demo, Lior and Skybox Director of Product Marketing, Mike Bruchanski, were impressed, but not fully convinced. But when Valooto informed them it was possible to set up a Proof-of-Concept (PoC) using Skybox’s own configurations and pricing, in only a matter of days, it was too tempting of an offer for Lior and Mike to ignore.

Using Skybox’s Excel-based sales configurator as a reference, Valooto set up a live PoC, as promised, in just a few days. After viewing the PoC, and involving several other key stakeholders in the organization, including the VP Sales and head of order entry, Mike and Lior were convinced that Valooto was what they were looking for. As Lior stated, “Once Valooto demonstrated how quick and easy it was for them to set up our complex configurations and pricing models, and that they could deploy the solution without a long costly project, the decision to go with them became a no-brainer.”

Deployment and Results

Valooto lived up to its deployment expectations; the solution was easy to configure, was able to model all of Skybox’s complex configurations and didn’t require a long, costly project to deploy. And it integrated directly with Skybox’s, ensuring quotes could be automatically tracked and reported on from their CRM.

Setting up the full Skybox deployment proved to be exceptionally easy. It only took a few short remote training sessions to get Mike up to speed on configuring Valooto and making adjustments to the initial model Valooto had set up for the PoC. As Mike put it, “Valooto has been exceptionally easy and straight forward for me to setup and manage on my own. And the helpfulness of their customer success team and their quick response has made the process of implementing my first ever CPQ – and doing it on my own – super easy.” Integrating Valooto with Skybox’s also proved a synch – with the help of the Valooto customer success manager the process only took a few minutes.

Overall, one of the key things that made the deployment go so smoothly was that Valooto made it easy for Mike to share his progress with key sales reps and others on the team, in real-time, as he was setting up the CPQ. This allowed him to get vital feedback and buy-in on the guided selling process as well as product configurations. Furthermore, Mike was looking ahead, knowing that the more he involved his veteran sales reps in the setup, the easier and faster the adoption would be by the entire sales team. Mike also made sure to involve Skybox’s order entry team to ensure their issues were addressed.

The Results

After implementing Valooto into their sales process, Skybox now has a highly scalable and customizable quoting tool. The new quoting and proposal generation process ensures Skybox sales reps spend less time generating sales quotes, reduces quoting errors that order entry has to deal with and provides an overall streamlined process that’s fully integrated with their Salesforce CRM. From a Product Marketing perspective, Mike now has the means to implement product, pricing and configuration changes with ease and speed – best of all, he can do it on his own, without the support of his IT team.

Skybox is also benefiting from a continuous stream of new functionality Valooto’s Sales Engagement Cloud provides on an ongoing basis.

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