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Why Your CRM needs an Integrated CPQ Solution

There’s something that’s been bugging me lately when I talk to sales managers. They have a customer relationship management (CRM) solution. That means they get it. They understand that in order to succeed, their sales teams need tools that help them organize customer information and track sales opportunities.

So why is it that when it comes to putting together sales quotes, sales teams still use manual, stand-alone tools? Some of the companies I talk to are even leading cloud-based sales enablement solution providers themselves – that are fully integrated with Salesforce

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Did your latest sales enablement project fail to make an impact? Here’s why

According to Forrester Research, companies spend an average of $135,262 annually on sales enablement programs. In spite of the budget allocation, CSO Insights reports that anywhere between 40-60 percent of sales reps fail to meet their quotas. Why aren’t these companies seeing the ROI?

Sales enablement programs are surprisingly unique in the way they are internally defined, managed and implemented. While most corporate initiatives focus primarily on the beneficiaries – product managers concentrate on customer requirements, HR retention programs center on employee needs – it often seems to sales people that

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Valooto - sales motivation



Sales Motivation: How to Motivate Your Sales Team to Sell More

When most of us think about sales motivation, passionate pep talks, inspirational quotes, the promise of bonuses and even sales rep competitions are probably the first things that come to mind. You might also think of the more negative tactics some managers like to employ, such “make your quota or you’re fired”.

In reality, motivating your sales team requires more than this. If you want your sales team to sell more, it’s also about what you do… and don’t do, that will get them excited. How you communicate with your team,

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Valooto - Motivate your channel partners



Increase Channel Partner Sales: 8 Way to Motivate them to Sell More

Channel partners generally sell more than one product or service. They might even – gasp! – sell one of your competitor’s solutions. That’s fine, even expected, but that means if you want them to increase sales of your offerings you’ll be competing for the channel’s attention and loyalty.

So how do you make your solutions stands out from the rest? How do you capture the attention of your channel partners to promote, quote and sell your products over the others they have in their portfolio? Good question.

Ultimately, it comes down to

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4 Ways CPQ can help them play nicer together



Sales Reps and Order Entry: 4 Ways CPQ Solutions can help them play nicer together

Winning a deal is not easy for sales reps. They spend months building trust and establishing a relationship with their customer. They uncover the customer’s needs and goals, understand what motivates the decision makers and map out the approval process. Finally, they generate a proposal with executive buy-in, negotiate terms and receive a signed PO. It’s a done deal, so what could possibly go wrong at this point? If you ask a sales rep, there’s only one thing that can go wrong now: Order Entry.

Order entry should not even be

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sales teams



5 Productivity Killers for Sales Teams (and how to avoid them)

Sales people sell. That’s what you hired them to do and what you measure them on. So why are so many salespeople bogged down with non-selling tasks?

Mention the phrase “productivity killer” to a sales manager, and they’ll probably associate it with their sales reps looking at Facebook and Buzzfeed all day. They probably won’t associate it with prospecting, research and proposal generation – but they should.

Instead of selling – the process of educating, engaging with and converting prospects into buyers – today’s salespeople indeed find themselves spending an inordinate amount

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Valooto Close $1.5M Seed Round



We Closed a $1.5M Investment Round

We’re very proud to announce that we just closed an initial investment round of $1.5M from Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP).

You can read the full announcement here.




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Valooto - the future of CPQ Solutions



Choosing a CPQ Solution that’s not Stuck in the Past

If you could take a time machine five years into the past and bring a sales person back with you to the present, he or she would be completely confused by today’s sales enablement technology. How many sales people used smartphones at work five years ago, let alone knew what a smartphone was? I mean a real smartphone – not a BlackBerry. And forget iPads and Tablets… they didn’t even exist.

Today sales reps not only have smartphones and tablets, chances are they’re using them to answer emails and fire off

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