Selling to the Uninitiated: Who They Are & What They Want

The people you are selling to now are different than the ones you were selling to 5 or 10 years ago. That’s just a fact. And no, I’m not talking about churn or customer retention (although I probably will soon), I’m talking about the evolution of the customer and the buying process.

New customers mean new relationships and a new sales terrain to navigate. Selling to the uninitiated requires an entirely different set of tools and skills than selling to long-standing customers. This post endeavors to turn your attention to some of

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Winning Sales Enablement: The Competition for Talent

Companies that fail to make sales and generate revenue quickly become insolvent and fade into the annals of corporate history. For better or worse, we’ve all hitched our professional wagons to our sales teams. So it’s without any exaggeration that I say – at the end of the day – getting the most out of sales representatives is a company’s single most important task. Efforts to achieve this are broadly referred to as sales enablement.

Not all sales enablement methods and approaches are equal. Here we’ll focus on steps you can take to

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Improving How Your Sales Organization Negotiates Proposals

I’m a numbers kind of guy. I like to look at data, review survey results, analyze statistics and then ponder what it all means.  Recently, two different sales-related stats have piqued my interest…

Statistic #1: If your sales team is trying to sell to a typical company with 100 to 500 employees, on average there will be seven people in that company involved in the decision-making process.
Statistic #2: Customers are more skeptical than ever of sales people. A mere 13% of them believe a sales person is capable of understanding their needs.


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The Role of Data in Your Sales Forecast… and Bottom Line

What is and what should be the role of data in your sales forecast? More importantly, how does it affect your sales reps’ ability to convert leads to sales?

You’re probably familiar with the phrase “garbage in, garbage out” (GIGO). In the software development world, GIGO means that no matter how meticulous a program’s logic is, if you enter in garbage data, you’re going to end up with garbage results.

It gets even worse if you’re the sales exec who’s responsible for developing an accurate sales forecast with bad data as your

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How Fast Is Your Sales Team’s Lead Response Time?

Here’s a quick multiple-choice question for you…

Imagine you’re an eager sales rep looking to make a good impression and hit your sales quota. Someone from your marketing department hands you a hot lead. What do you do?

A)  Respond to the lead within an hour

B)  Respond within one to 24 hours

C)  Let more than 24 hours pass before responding

D)  Scratch your behind, take a long lunch and never respond to the lead

Well, no brainer, you’ve selected, “A) Respond to the lead within an

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31 Flavors of Sales Statistics

Every good sales rep knows you can’t just say something – you need to be able to prove it! Every good sales manager knows that your decisions and arguments need to be backed up by cold, hard facts and not just your intuition.

To help you the next time you’re trying to motivate your sales team, report findings to your CEO or lobby for better tools and quoting solutions, here are 31 flavors of sales statistics to back you up. Put them on your sales leaderboard, include them in your reports

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3 Keys to a Successful CPQ Deployment

Have you ever heard of a magic pill that immediately relieves all of your pain points?

Unless you’re talking about aspirin, the answer is no. Every time a sales exec asks me for an instant fix to their sales problems, I feel the urge to offer them a couple.

Recently I was talking with a sales manager who was desperate to get his team back on track with their proposals. Sales were dismal, team morale was low and every indicator pointed to their proposal generation system as the culprit. What this guy

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Key 2015 Sales Enablement Trends

After talking to a slew of company executives over the years, I’ve found the concept of sales enablement something most of them are eager to acknowledge as critical to revenue production.

Almost all of them will say something along the lines of…

“Sure, of course, I want to help my sales team function at a higher level. I mean, who wouldn’t when the benefits are so clear? By helping my reps prepare for interactions with customers and giving them the tools they need, I’m getting them one step closer to winning the

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Sales Enablement



Are Your Sales People Fruitarians? Use Sales Enablement to Expand your Pipeline

Have you noticed this? You present a lovely spread of quality leads hoping your team will dig in and start closing. Instead, certain reps will only reach for the low-hanging fruit.

I know you’ve probably heard the “low hanging fruit” comment in a million meetings. Looking for quick wins? Go for the low-hanging fruit. Certainly it is important to fill the pipeline with high potential deals. But what about the fruitarians – the ones who only go after the low-hanging fruit? How do you get them to expand their horizons and

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Sales Tips



3 Essential Sales Tips for Selling in a Constantly Changing Market

When people talk about the “pace of innovation”, they typically focus on its impact on development teams and how they are struggling to keep up. But what about the people that have to sell those innovations? Today, the sales environment is changing so rapidly and it’s all too easy for your sales reps to fall behind. According to CSO Insights almost every aspect of sales is evolving. Complexity of the product line is expected to increase for 46% of salespeople. Over 53% of sales reps will see the breadth of

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