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Winning Sales Enablement



The Top 3 Functions of a Winning Sales Enablement Strategy

Lately, I’ve been talking a lot about the role of sales managers and how they provide value in the sales organization. With a little hindsight this might have turned into a series titled “What the Heck Do You Do?!”

The bottom line is that as a sales manager you should always be asking yourself if you’re providing enough value and support and, just as important, if your sales organization can see that value.


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That leads to the question of what exactly sales

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Finishing the Sales Year with Success

It’s now crunch time. The end of the sales year is quickly approaching, and the time to meet the year’s goals is shrinking.

While some teams are scrambling in the last two months to close deals, many already know the tactics to successfully finish the year and are just following those strategies as planned.

Which sounds better? Which are you?

You don’t have to readjust your whole sales plan at the last minute to realign your sales team. Don’t let your team be the type of sales group that loses its momentum around the

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Change management



How to Ease Complex Change Management

Change. Sales people really hate it, don’t they? You’d think by the way they respond to you that they’re on a yearlong sales hot streak that you’re about to disrupt with your new sales operations.

The crazy part is, most salespeople have already accepted that change is inevitable. According to Salesforce, 71% of salespeople believe that their role will be radically different in 5 years. They aren’t necessarily opposed to change, they’re more opposed to the way most sales managers spring it on them.


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Perfect sales proposal



The Anatomy of the Perfect Sales Proposal

Ah the sales proposal. After all of the relationship building and learning your clients pain points you finally have just a few pages to demonstrate your value and ultimately close the sale.

There’s no doubt the sales proposal has increased in importance in recent years. With the average deal requiring 5-6 decision makers, the proposal is in many cases the only thing some of them will see. As such, the pursuit of a perfect sales proposal is something of a golden goose.


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Sales collateral



5 Quick Wins: Building Sales Collateral Through Enablement

What do you do around here?

It seems like an obvious question to answer, but surprisingly, 25% of sales reps report they see slight to no known contribution from sales enablement.

As a sales manager, you are judged not only by the success of your team but on the improvements you make to the entire organization as time goes on. Often this will mean enabling others to their jobs better.

Ultimately, sales are about persuasion and persuasion is about making a strong case. Without evidence, even the most persuasive people are hard-pressed to

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Deal value



How to Offer the Best Deal Value, Not the Lowest Price

It’s a matter of psychology as much as it is a matter of business – mostly though, it’s a matter of the quality of your product/service. The fact is that there’s a world of difference between price and deal value. Let me explain.

Every sales rep’s heard it – those words from a customer asking for a better deal. In some cases, your rep and a competitor might be working on the same prospect. That’s when the rep might hear something along the lines of, “So-and-so promised me this price. Beat that

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Sales Ops



How Sales Ops Can Step Out Of IT’s Shadow

You don’t want anyone confusing you with the IT department and you definitely don’t want anyone thinking someone in the IT department can do your job.

The value you bring to sales ops and the solutions you’ve implemented should be immediately apparent to your team and your company – not just for the sake of your own job security but because you should be improving the company’s sales activities.

Sales technology keeps ramping up. So much so that you keep finding yourself parked in front of the computer dealing with it. You should be overseeing

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Inside sales



Top 5 Inside Sales Business Strategies You Should Focus On

With only a month or a quarter to meet and surpass their quota, sales doesn’t have the time that other departments do to show improved results. That means that sales managers are usually laser-focused when it comes to improving their business processes and implementing best practice strategies.

A recent Aberdeen study discovered the top inside sales business strategies used to identify and convert optimized opportunities. Here are five strategies that came up tops:


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1: Grow Your Sales Pipeline

The study

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How to Conduct a Sales Forecast Review with Your Rep

Do you engage in regular forecast reviews with your sales reps? If not, you’re not alone. Only 67% of sales managers do.

Meeting with your reps on a regular basis can not only help them understand what obstacles they are up against, but engaging in these discussions can also help them hit their quotas month after month.

It’s time to get with the program.


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Here are a few points to consider to help you see the importance

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How Is Content Fueling Your Sales Enablement?

Regardless of whether we’re managers, consultants, etc., we’re all salespeople at heart. Give us a prospect that needs to be sold to, and we’re going to want to pick up the phone or set up a meeting and talk to them.

As hard as it is to admit, simply talking isn’t going to push a sale over the finish line. In today’s sales environment, you need content. Proposals, quotes, price sheets, white papers and other sales collateral need to be leveraged so your message can get passed around the company and

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