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Sales and marketing align



When Sales and Marketing Align, Everyone Wins

Whenever there’s a lack of continuity between sales and marketing, it can put team members at odds with one another. I can talk about all of the ways this hurts the company, but at the end of the day, it comes down to lost revenue. In fact, “studies show failure to see sales and marketing align around the right processes and technologies costs B2B companies 10 percent or more of revenue per year.”

When these two teams come together though, it can streamline overall operations and increase revenue considerably. More specifically, research

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CPQ complements CRM



How CPQ Complements CRM

With nearly 83% of sales teams making use of a CRM like Salesforce, sales managers may feel complacent in letting the software do all the legwork.

While it’s true that the software keeps customer information organized and tracks sales opportunities, there is always room for improvement.

For example, by integrating CPQ with your CRM, your sales team can become even more efficient and powerful, leading to even more and better sales opportunities.

Here are some of the ways CPQ complements CRM and why you should be making the integration sooner rather than later

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Future of CPQ



The Future of CPQ Solutions – What’s in Store for Sales?

If you want to know where you’re going, look at where you’ve been.

That’s what I did last week when I went over the History of CPQ Solutions. Now it’s time to look at where we’re going. While your sales reps are looking towards the end of the week, month or quarter, you need to be looking at what’s in store for the rest of the year, the next five years, and beyond.

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CPQ history



The History of CPQ Solutions

Catering to customers’ specific needs and providing at least a base level of personalization have become paramount in today’s customization-centric world. Fueling that shift is CPQ solutions, which streamlines the way in which companies generate accurate quotes for complex goods and/or services.

In fact, Forbes reports “CPQ is one of the hottest technologies sales are relying on in 2015 and continues to accelerate as it gains greater business value.” But to truly get a sense of how far CPQ has come and just how integral its role now is in sales, it’s important

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Common sales rep mistakes



5 Common Sales Rep Mistakes and How to Fix Them

There are essentially two approaches to on-boarding your sales team:

You can throw each salesperson to the wolves, allowing him or her to learn the ins and outs of the position through a trial by fire approach, and accept that plenty of sales rep mistakes will be made along the way.

Or, you can hold their hands, teaching them the best sales tactics right out of the gate and guiding their sales journey.

Personally, I’ll always opt for the latter approach. With it, you have a better shot at avoiding mistakes that may

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Dynamic Sales Environment



Is CPQ Right for a Dynamic Sales Environment?

The whole point of creating a defined sales process and using guided selling is to create a template for the perfect sale that can be repeated for every prospect.

But what happens when your sale scenarios don’t fit neatly into the template you’ve created? Do your sales processes go out the window when you’re dealing with more dynamic sales environments?

Even after automating and systematizing your sales process with CPQ solutions, CRMs and sales automation, it can be easy for your sales reps succumb to the thinking that “Those processes are really only for the

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Sales playbook



6 Ways to Integrate CPQ into Your Sales Playbook

The Sales Playbook: an invaluable resource for new hires and current salespeople alike. Do you have one? Do you use it?

I’m not surprised if the answer is a sheepish “no.” Only 12% of companies report even having a sales playbook, let alone using it to it’s full potential.

Without a playbook, the sales process is largely guesswork. Without the tools to integrate that playbook into your sales team’s everyday workflow, it’s largely useless.


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The good news is that you can integrate CPQ

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Sales strategy predictions



2015 Sales Predictions: How They Affect Your 2016 Sales Strategy

One thing that sales experts and gurus like to do at the start of each year is make predictions about the trends they believe will play out over the course of the year. Some are spot on – and others not so much.

While I certainly had predictions for where sales would head in 2015, I didn’t write a blog on the subject at the start of the year. Why? Because all of my blogs discussed future predictions!

As a sales manager, if you aren’t looking ahead 99% of the time, your

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Personalized sales proposals



Personalized Sales Proposals Are Just the Tip of the Iceberg

“Selling is all about relationships.” – Every sales expert ever

No sales rep would deny the personal touch required for making sales. But how many are actually applying it?

Does it count as a personal relationship when your reps talk about their prospect’s favorite sports team for a minute and then proceed to sell them the same products, using the same arguments and sending the same proposal as everyone else?

For better or worse, that kind of cookie cutter selling doesn’t fly anymore.


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Why? Maybe it’s because

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Streamline your CPQ



How to Streamline Your CPQ Solution

A CPQ (Configure Price Quote) solution can help your sales force win more (substantial) deals, accelerate sales cycles and improve ROI efficiencies across your business model. But you can’t just throw a solution into the mix and hope for the best.

Instead, the platform you use must be implemented team-wide. You’re gonna need to streamline your CPQ solution. Now, this isn’t going to be easy, especially at first. You’ll have salespeople who are used to doing things their own way, and bad habits – as you know – are difficult to break.


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