Sales collaboration tools



5 of the Best Sales Collaboration Tools

You’ve got a top-notch sales team of movers and shakers, who, as separate entities are adept and talented. But what good is it when collaboration between these team members is lackluster and there’s a continual communication breakdown?

Without an effective means of sales collaboration, your team is bound to suffer in many ways, with the primary victim being inadequate lead nurturing. In fact, 79% of marketing leads never convert into sales, with a lack of lead nurturing being the common cause of this poor performance.


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3 Ways to Give Your Sales Enablement a Major Power Boost

The goal of sales enablement is to give your team the content, knowledge and tools it needs so every member can be successful in any given situation. This is guided selling at its best. Maximum sales enablement is a companywide endeavor, bringing sales and marketing teams together for a single objective: to sell more effectively and drive revenue.

Supercharging your organization’s sales enablement helps a team meet its best potential. This can be accelerated with the help of a tool capable of informing and enabling salespeople in a rapid and intuitive manner.


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The always learning sales force



The Importance of an Always Learning Sales Force

There are multiple factors that contribute to a sales force’s effectiveness and profitability. In the past, this often relied on each sales rep’s drive, determination, people skills and even charisma. Today, perhaps more than anything else, it’s a matter of mentality. Does your sales force invite change, adapt to new strategies, and adopt new tools and techniques? If yes, you have a learning sales force and reason for optimism. If no, you have cause for concern.

As we move deeper into the 21st century, the sales landscape is changing like never before

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The Evolution of an Optimized Sales Process & Sales Strategy

The sales process has changed drastically in recent years. But is it getting easier? With the influx of automated sales technology it can seem that way. Still, reps need to burn a few calories to make this new technology work for them.

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CPQ makes upselling easy



How CPQ Makes Upselling Simple

Do you want your salespeople to become World Class? Then you should teach them it’s what they do after the customer says “yes” that truly matters. Upselling is a surprisingly easy thing to pull off when approached properly and it’s often the difference between a company that subsists and a company that thrives.

When I work with new salespeople, I find that most are extremely focused on the one-off sale. They get tunnel vision. They’re so focused on getting the customer to initially give in that when it happens, they think

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Sales training snoozer



Is Sales Training Wasting Your Time?

Sales training is big business in the U.S. On average, organizations spend $5,000 annually on training each sales rep. On a larger scale, 94 percent of organizations invest in sales training, and U.S. companies spend a grand total of $20 billion a year.

When you consider the costs of sales training as well as the time investment, you have to ask, “Is it really worth it?” Here are some reasons why it’s often more trouble than it is worth, and how you can best prepare your sales staff without wasting time

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less-qualified leads



Some Tips on Dealing with Less-Qualified Leads

Marketing drums up excitement for your organization’s offerings, and this produces leads. Those leads flow down the pipeline to your sales team, which then works on the close. In a perfect world, every lead sent down the pipeline would be super qualified. In the real world, not so much.

That’s not to say that the battle’s already lost though – your sales team can still work with less-qualified leads, it just takes a little more effort. The important thing is not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Dig a little

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sales coach



How to Be a Great Sales Coach

To be a great sales manager you have to wear many hats. Whether you like it or not, one of those hats should identify you as the sales coach. Coaching a sales team can be an arduous job at times – and getting the most from your reps is often easier said than done. You’ve got to manage multiple personalities and bend your behavior to meet the needs of your team.

Despite those and other inconveniences, studies have found that effective sales coaching can have a monumental impact on operations and significantly increase

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Time-Saving Tips to Increase Sales Efficiency

You can tell your reps that time is money until you’re blue in the face, but that advice won’t do them a bit of good without a base of reference for time saving tips, tricks and tools. It’s likely that your team already knows that improved sales efficiency is the fastest way to sell more, but do they have a clue – let alone a plan – how to do so?

Here are some tips you can relay to your salespeople starting today to help them achieve maximum sales efficiency in the

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EExcel configurator limitations



Beyond Spreadsheets: Redressing 5 Excel Configurator Limitations

Over my time in the business world, I’ve come to recognize a common problem plaguing organizations from every industry. To the untrained eye, the problem can be hard to spot in its early stages. Simply put, at some point in every company’s life, spreadsheets begin to fail as a solution for organizing and managing business processes. Here specifically, I wish to discuss Excel configurator limitations.

Don’t get me wrong – Excel has served many companies well since its conception more than 30 years ago and continues to be useful for purposes spanning organizational management, finances

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