Approval Workflows 

Comprehensive workflows for all customer engagements

Valooto Approvals provide the easiest and most comprehensive approval workflows for pricing, discounts, sizing, product selection, configurations, legal agreements and other customer engagement content. With Valooto approvals, management gains greater visibility into all customer engagement processes throughout the sales cycle.

  • Customize approvals to match your specific business needs
  • Drag-and-drop configuration for easy management by business teams
  • On-the-fly changes
  • Supports unlimited approval tracks
Valooto real-time approval workflows

Customizable Flows

  • Single or multi-track parallel approvals – commercial, legal, technical, other
  • Single and multi-stage approvals with any number of approvers in each stage
  • Approval delegation
  • Hierarchical approval overrides
  • Customized approval triggers

Easy Setup & Configuration

  • Configured in minutes – with NO coding!
  • Managed and maintained by Sales Operations or business users
  • Supports designated and role-based Approvers

Approver Engagement

  • Create customized email templates
  • Send daily email reminders
  • One-step approve/decline via mobile app or email
  • Approver delegation
  • Full approval/decline visibility from within Salesforce Opportunity
  • Save approval trail in PDF format for auditing

Sales Rep Experience

  • Approval request comments
  • Real-time visibility of approval status
  • Email alerts at each approval stage
  • Approval recall at any time

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